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Welcome to the Rising Tide Talents Show!

Together, we’ll dive into the 7-figure facts that every business owner needs to know, we’ll talk about what *truly* works for sustainable success in and out of the office, and yes…we’ll get REALLY REAL about what it takes to find fulfillment and flow, avoid burnout and actually love your life.

I’m your host, Katy Widrick – a Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer who scales businesses to and through 7, 8 and even 9 figures.

I’m obsessed with systems and spreadsheets but I also believe that when Mercury is retrograde, you’d better honor that vibe…oh, and I’m also a mom, which, let’s admit…may be the hardest job of all.

The tide is rising – so let’s dive in.

Taking the Leap and Building Your Wings on the Way Down

Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down. That’s a quote that is attributed to author Kobi Yamada, but I may have said it more than any other human on the planet. It means SO much to me, and it has been the phrase I held on…

TOFU, MOFU, BOFU Explained

TOFU. MOFU. BOFU. These acronyms sound deliciously confusing, don’t they? They are three components of a marketing and sales funnel, and for many growth-focused companies, they are the KEYS to conversion. In this episode, we dive into the strategies, the implementation and a few SIMPLE but super effective ways to incorporate these funnel elements into…

Protecting Your Personal Brand

I genuinely believe that everyone who is pursuing growth personally or professionally, everyone needs a personal brand. Everyone needs to know his or her core values, mission, and vision.  And I think every person who is pursuing growth needs to be firm and understand that your brand has value outside of the work you do,…

Building in Public

There’s a marketing and branding strategy that has been around for years – but is really taking hold in a big way right now, especially since the barriers to entry for business ownership are getting lower and less overwhelming. The concept I’m talking about is “building in public.” Now, I’m going to share more about…

What Are Fractional Services?

More and more, growth-focused founders are hiring FRACTIONAL service providers who join the leadership team for a limited time, set and reach BIG goals, mentor and even hire team members and then leave – filling the current gaps and working to make themselves redundant over the course of months, rather than years.

My Brush With Burnout

Today, I’m sharing my experience with severe burnout – and not just the fatigue, frustration and confusion that so many people face at work and at home. No, I’m talking about the kind of burnout that led me to dive into intensive therapy, that manipulated me into becoming a bit of an arsonist and setting fire to my professional path, that had my closest friends and even family members telling me that they didn’t want to be around me.